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About Talents and Competitions - Walkfront African Network Entertainment Agency
About Talents and Competitions
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Talents and Competitions is an online platform created by Walkfront African Network Entertainment Agency to discover, nurture, expose and launch talents among young Nigerians. It is a platform created to turn things up for them and lift them from Nigeria to a global stage where they can be assisted to fulfilling their dreams.

Setting up an online competition will help young talented youth reach out to the world on their gifts and potentials. Not everyone can be heared from the physically organised competitions either by way of distance or criteria for appearance, one or two reason just disqualifies them.

The Talent and Competition is designed in categories and it varies but covers between 5 and 35 years of age. Some of the competition are free from start till the final stage while some require voting as a process for qualifying to any stages or final. This is because as an organisation we are yet to get partners or big organisations that would want to take responsibility of some of the winning prizes. To be able to keep up and sustain the project we have to introduce the simple voting process. Entry for all our comepetition is free.

Different talent discovery competition will be promoted regularly for different types of people to meet age and educational qualification gap and also for the unskilled and uneducated too - being put into consideration.

We use this medium to call for Interested Brands to partner with us in anyway by donating cash or taking full resposibility for winnings.

To give young people a platform to shows their talent to the world.

• To deliberately seek and discover amazing talents.

• To groom and nuture talents.

• To launching and put talents out there.